Talks  Demonstrations  and Tuition

I carry out Talks Demonstrations to Art Groups and other interested persons throughout the South West. UK.
These are by appointment only

                  My Charges are £70 per hour plus expenses
             (Travel within 30 miles included) otherwise .40p per mile)

The program of these sessions are usually in this format:-
  An introduction as to what I do and my history in watercolour
  A concise talk on the Art of Pure Watercolour
  An introduction to my style of loose impressionist watercolour

A short break is then taken, where I usually get to know my audience informally.

     This is then followed by a full 1/2 sheet demonstration.
                                   (This painting will be for sale at a discount at the end.)

   The duration of the whole session usually takes about two to two and a half hours.
It is more beneficial if this talk and demonstration is set up at floor level in front of the group as a 1/2 sheet painting is more difficult to see without visual equipment enhancement. It is also more of a friendly environment.

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